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BE Enterprise Solutions is tailored to secure your organization’s data to optimal point.

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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
Invisible Clouds, Visible IT

Simplify IT with infrastructure and cloud services that just work

BE delivers a software-defined enterprise cloud that can run any application on your organization database.

Product Component

    - XI Beam

    - XI Frame

    - XII Epoch

    - XI IoT

DarkTrace EIS Solution
  • Delivers high performance infrastructure and applications to aid business operation.
  • Using the XI Beam, it creates multi-cloud optimization and enhances your organization’s cloud security compliance.
  • Uses encryptions to provide a unified approach to security integration, automation and management.
  • Fosters uninterrupted business operations using Symantec IoT security solutions.
  • Automatically detects sensitive data across office 365, as well as in more than 100 cloud apps on your organization communication system.
  • It uses Zero Trust model to protect your organization against cyber-attacks and secure sensitive data.