BVE data analytics programming is designed to convert raw and unstructured data into a comprehensive data format in your organization.

We implement this into your business operations, from data modeling, data transformation and data cleansing.

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Products in Data Analytics
Alteryx Self Service Analytics

BVE with its partners are lead innovators in self-service data analytics, with a platform that discovers and analyze all your organization data, while deploying and sharing analytics at a deeper insight scale.

Product Features

    - UseR-based analytics with no coding - Predictive models validity

    - UseR-based analytics with no coding - Predictive models validity

    - Alteryx Designer

ASSA Solution
  • With ASSA, data discovery and security are made easy by providing your organization data history and cataloging which aids increased visibility for governance.
  • Acceleration of end-to-end analytic process to improve productivity and generate better business decisions in your organization.
  • Help organization’ analyst to visualize data during analytic process.
  • Organizations’ analyst can create models with drag and drop tools for workflows that deliver self-service data analytics required for predictive analytics.
  • The Alteryx Designer streamlines work process by delivering a reputable work flow in a short time for self-service data analytics leading to deep insights in your organization.
  • It empowers organization’s data analyst through combining data pro, data blending and analytics using the same intuitive user interfaces.
  • Create and publish analytic apps code free.
  • Advances data modeling.
  • Itinerates and delivers data insights faster at the speed that business needs, and not at the dependency of your organization’s IT and data scientists’ availability.